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quinta-feira, julho 17, 2008


Boredoms Reveal Another Ridiculous Drum Circle
This one's happening in two cities

Nike has agreed to be the primary sponsor of Boredoms' most ambitious piece of performance art yet: "88BoaDrum," an 88-minute composition featuring 88 drummers and an 8:08 p.m. starting time in Los Angeles and Brooklyn on—you guessed it—August 8. (8/8/08 in other words.) Former Lightning Bolt/Black Dice drummer (and current Soft Circle solo artist) Hisham Bharoocha will help the Japanese band hand-select players much like he did for last year's 77BoaDrum performance at Brooklyn's Bridge Park. (That mind-blowing event featured 77 drummers playing for 77 minutes—give or take a few—on 7/7/07.) As for who will be leading all this chaos, Boredoms mastermind Eye will guide the L.A. gig and Gang Gang Dance will conduct the Brooklyn one.

And Nike's involvement in yet another fringe performance? (They supported 77BoaDrum as well.) The sportswear company will provide both cities with a special NSW Tee collection, all of which feature one-time-only hand-screened designs.

Both 88BoaDrum shows are free and open to the public, but first-come-first-served tickets are required for entry. They'll be available starting this Friday from, Amoeba Records, LACMA, Other Music, and Sound Fix. One per person, please. For more info, check out

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terça-feira, julho 15, 2008


Mixtape gravada em dois dias de Julho de 2008 directo para mini-disc. Dois pratos e mesa com efeitos. Mais ou menos tight. Alguns temas foram cortados no mini-disc para facilitar as misturas. Há coisas house para o Verão, com vozes a segredar ao ouvido. No fim, Arts & Craft tem Walter Gibbons, o instrumental é demente! Esta é para vocês, como sempre.


> Tony Sineni «Rhythem Of The Beat» 1987
> Wired «To The Beat (Crash mix)» 1986
> Dr. Phibes «Acid Story» 1988
> Force Motive «You Will Be Dealt With» 1988
> E.S.P. «Let's Move» 1987
> O'Hara «Touch Me Baby» 1984
> Traks «Driving Here On Broadway»* 1982
> The KLF «118 BPM» 1988
> Cheyne «Call Me Mr. Telephone (Answering Service)» 1985
> Jack Rabbit Martin «Only Want To Be» 1988
> Bou Kahn «Magic» 1988
> Phortune «Unity» 1988
> The Sun God «Above The Clouds» 2005
> Set The Tone «Skin Me»* 1983
> Freddie Mas «Detail Of A Detail» 2002
> Ray Tracing «The Internal Exterior» 1990
> Arts & Craft «Wait A Minute "Before You Leave Me"»* 1985

* re-edits: ME

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