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quinta-feira, fevereiro 09, 2006

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Considered for many the perpetual "good guy" of Portugal, Peter G started his career twelve years ago, by the edges of the Douro river.
Seeing David Morales and Erick Morillo performances awake up in him the impetus of wanting more and better... from djing to production was an instant. Jointly with Mister M, his partner for eight years, it launched, in April of 2002, his first single, released for Sondos (label belonging to Subliminal Records), intitled "Beat Back", having received excellent criticize from the magazines of the specialty.
Beyond the fact that he was in the good way, the personal accomplishment was more than much, once that the Subliminal Records belongs to Erick Morillo, one of his icons, and his second record, intitled "Be the One" was also released by Sondos, having reached the top ten of the most appraised sites of dance music world-wide such as the Tune inn records; Mem records; Plasticfantastik, etc... the dies were launched!
Accustomed to play with the best dj's of the world, Peter G, in any moment is intimidated for sharing the booth with names as Erick Morillo, Deep Dish, Bob Sinclair, Masters at Work, Frankie Knuckles, Roger Sanchez, and many others, being one of the Portuguese dj's that most play with international guests in Portugal.
Internationally, he had played in some of the most important clubs of the world as, for example, "Center Fly" - New York, Pacha - Ibiza and in the "Club Mad" - Switzerland, as well as in the main festivals and clubs in Portugal.
Associate of the invicto mythical club Sound Planet, Peter G became resident dj , obtaining, achieving during years, to show all of his inventive genius and giving to the public of the dance scene a space where they could not only see the most acclaimed dj's of the planet, and where the national dj's could play whatever they fell like without any barrier or regulation, but also a place where the public had the certainty that they would only hear what dance music has of new, once that this club was the only one, in Porto, that subsisted only of dance music.
In search of new projectos and chances, he join the Heart & Soul in 2005, pioneer portuguese agency of dance music and events producer whose names and reputation are of international recognition.
Entering in a new phase of his career, Peter G creates «Mikado Soul» project, that in partnership with Manu Idhra, element of the Sloppy Joe band and considered, in electronic music scene, the most talented portuguese percussion player, bets in the production and invites all the all dance music lovers to attend to his live-acts full of energy, groove and geniality.

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em 9:44 da tarde, Blogger Electrobot disse...

Palavras para quê? É um artista português ;). more subliminal shit...

em 12:52 da tarde, Anonymous Anónimo disse...

ok... é portugues... mas quem é q é louco ainda de dar credito a algo q venha da heart & soul?

então majores... isto esta aficar dificil....

abraços terraqueos da invicta

em 2:43 da tarde, Blogger Electrobot disse...

Quem presta atenção aos textos que vêm na Mailing-List da Flur (escritos por um dos Majores) perceberá a ironia que está por detrás de um "post" destes...eheheh ;).

em 1:27 da manhã, Blogger ME disse...

heart & soul faz dos piores textos promocionais de sempre. é só para lembrar...


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