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terça-feira, dezembro 13, 2005

(Nota 0.2)

Saturday, December 17, Fresh Productions presents it's 4th and last "Re.Fresh" event, this one at Vespas Club.
This events has as phylosophie, allie a sound component to a strong artistic component, and the same happens with this edition, now that will count with a exposition from the artist Hugo Olim.
At musical level "Re.Fresh04# counts with the performing of the dj's Hernandez (Dj Bubble), Michael C, and the James Taylor and David Brown, actually know has Swayzak. Still at musical level, this event will count with the special performing of the inovating project Music Lab, that will act between 02am and 3am. Visual support will be at charge of VJ Oxyodo.
Altought with works has all, one of the main perform of this event with the performing of Swayzak, a london based project, that lunched it's first 12" in 1998, the themes in question "Bueno" and "Fukumachi", that were well received at world level.
In 1998, they lanched "Snowboarding" for Medicine Label (USA) and Pagan Records (UK), a album that conquered the title of "Album of the Year" by Mixer magazine.
"Himawari", it's the most recent album, it's a result of 8 months of work. Conted with the contributions of Benjamin Zephaniah, Kirsty Hawkshaw and JB Rose, 3 different voices that add a new dimention to the themes.
Swayzak have been performing a bit for all over the world, and it's live sound can float from it's productions, since improvising it's the strong component of it's performings.
Prepare to travel to the "underground" world, trough Vespas that will have a specially decor to receive all the invited
passengers from Fresh Productions.

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